Monday, May 2, 2016


"The melody of the "Deutschlandlied" was originally written by Joseph Haydn in 1797 to provide music to the poem "Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser" ("God save Franz the Emperor") by Lorenz Leopold Haschka. The song was a birthday anthem to Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor of the House of Habsburg, and was intended to rival in merit the British  "God Save the King".
 "...Unity and justice and freedom
Let us all strive for this purpose
Brotherly with heart and hand!
Unity and justice and freedom
Are the pledge of happiness;
 |: Bloom in the glow of this happiness,
  Bloom, German fatherland!"
"May just and righteous laws
Uphold the public cause,

And bless our isle:
Home of the brave and free,
Thou land of liberty
With peace and happiness
From shore to shore;
United, loyal, free,
True to herself and Thee
For evermore."

"A Man's a Man for A' That"

"Is There for Honest Poverty...
Their dignities and all that.
The pith of sense and pride of worth
Are higher rank..."

Robert Burns

"It is the most disgraceful thing that ever happened in the history of England. You will go down to history as the men who tortured innocent women."

Dissenters, Radicals, Heretics and Blasphemers: The Flame of Revolt that ...John Hostettler

Sunday, May 1, 2016

UK, the massage parlour

"The majority represents not only ignorance but also cowardice. And just as a hundred blockheads do not equal one man of wisdom, so a hundred poltroons are incapable of any political line of action that requires moral strength and fortitude...
Measures of momentous importance for the future existence of the State are framed and discussed in an atmosphere more suited to the card-table. Indeed the latter suggests a much more fitting occupation for these gentlemen than that of deciding the destinies of a people..."
Mein Kampf, A. H.

Election coverage....headline proposal

"'prostitute' ...get money or goods in a dishonest way"

"Mother has SIXTEEN babies taken away from her ....'They are like machines producing babies for the care system,' one woman told the BBC
'All too often young women - particularly teenagers - who have already had one child removed, become pregnant again and again with the same result. 
'This is causing untold heartbreak and damage to these woman and their children, as well as loading great costs on both society and the taxpayer.' "
image from the internet
"breed like rabbits...the plague was "merrily" culling the population."Churchill 

The SHOW trial

"...On Eichmann's personality, Arendt concludes:
Despite all the efforts of the prosecution, everybody could see that this man was not a "monster," but it was difficult indeed not to suspect that he was a clown. And since this suspicion would have been fatal to the entire enterprise [his trial], and was also rather hard to sustain in view of the sufferings he and his like had caused to millions of people, his worst clowneries were hardly noticed and almost never reported (p. 55)...
She describes his trial as a show trial"

"the banality of evil"

"Lions led by donkeys"

"Something is rotten in the state ..."
Dear Madam, Sir
I am writing to you to see if you can sort out this situation.
Last year 2015 before the elections I amended the  number of the bedsit on my registration to vote , and still on the election day I told the lady on the polling station about it, she asserted me that was going to deal with it and even ask me to write it and sign, but unfortunately this year I received again with my name 2 poll cards to the different bedsits/flat.
If you can please leave just my name on the (register address of the letter n. 365692  02 December 2015)..."
several address several votes...not even an identity document is asked at the polling station....
"When you get to the polling station, Give your name and address to the staff inside the polling station when you arrive. You don’t have to take your poll card with you.
You’ll be given a ballot paper containing a list of the people, parties or the options you can vote for."

Saturday, April 30, 2016

"Vos estis sal terrae"

"Truthfulness, integrity, and goodness, qualities that hang not on any man's breath, form the essence of ...character, or, as one of our old writers has it, "that inbred loyalty unto Virtue which can serve her without a livery."
"Torpedo ...Está o pescador com a cana na mão, o anzol no fundo e a bóia sobre a água, e em lhe picando na isca o torpedo, começa a lhe tremer o braço. Pode haver maior, mais breve e mais admirável efeito? De maneira que, num momento, passa a virtude do peixezinho, da boca ao anzol, do anzol, à linha, da linha à cana e da cana ao braço do pescador»

...Padre António Vieira elogia a qualidade peculidar dos peixes de serem capazes de ouvir e de não falar. Contudo, têm o defeito de não poderem converter-se, mas o pregador já está habituado ..."

"The Lady of the Lake"

"The piece was composed as a setting of a song from Walter Scott's popular epic poem The Lady of the Lake"