Friday, August 26, 2016

"Dig, son, dig."

"The aim of this book is to give fresh insight, and with that insight hope and courage, to those who are disquieted by the violence and irrationality of our times...
..unable to remember the lessons of the past or to anticipate the probabilities of the future: to guarantee national security they have created a state of total insecurity, and in the effort to insecure national survival they have perfected weapons whose full-scale use would imperil the future of the human race..
...Our fist obligation is the restoration of our own capacity to be human:  to think and feel  as a whole men, not as ideologists, not as partisans and experts, not as political or religious sectarians, not  as tribalists and nationalists, but as exponents of what is veritably human.
Each of us must accept, as his own, the personal responsibility for safeguarding  man's essential humanity...we must conquer our moral numbness and inertia: the state that since 1945 has enable accept the indiscriminate extermination of human life...

Rational men can triumph even over defeat; but the irrational are defeat even by their triumphs: indeed, especially by their triumphs...
A confident public command: "Men and brothers, let us come to our senses and behave like men!"...General R. W. Johnson's advice to "Dig, son, dig."

....The faith of mankind in its own basic humanity would be undermined for centuries by its creation of a worldwide Auschwitz...the police state as become the prison state...the worst sadism might sometimes be responsible scientific experimentation with live subjects..."

Only those who dare to be human...will have the audacity to rescue mankind...
 In every other department of life, there is a slowing down of creativity: worse than that, an active regression...
 Within a generation, mankind will enter an age so dark that every other dark age  will seem, by contrast, one of intense illumination...surviving man will...revert to a stage just this side of the idiot level,  a creature of low cunning, focused on the immediate and the concrete...He will survive as an animal with the merest remnant of his intelligence, by eliminating every other capacity that identified him as a human...if the lower orders of life remained, variations in bacterial enemies, to say nothing of transformations in the human genes might result in the production of diseases and deformities which would wipe out the surviving members of our species..."
 In the name of sanity, Lewis Mumford, 1954
"...the plague was "merrily" culling the population...
to outlive the menace of tyranny, if necessary for years, if necessary alone....
 We shall go on to the end. We shall fight ...
we shall never surrender..." 

"...fixar refugiados nas aldeias..."

 "The discharges started just hours after the government issued a decree for the conditional release of some 38,000 prisoners under Turkey's...."

"...Turkey, from whose shores hundreds of thousands of refugees set off last year on their journey to Europe..."
"... some Thugs were taken in Delhi, .... not one of these did the sultan have killed. He gave orders for them to be put into boats and to be conveyed into the lower country,... where they were to be set free. ... and would not trouble the neighbourhood of Delhi any more."
— Sir HM Elliot, History of India, iii. 141

"refugee...with 135,711 people reaching Europe by sea since the start of 2016..."

"Fear and anger grow in India after rape of elderly nun"

"Jihad aberta do Estado Islâmico degolou um padre francês de 86 anos"

"... he brings
the destruction of the state
by a systematically  method of sabotaging..."
 M. K., A. H.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

"Prima donna"

"In opera or commedia dell'arte, a prima donna is
...the person to whom the prime roles would be given."
"...Rhodes wanted to expand the British Empire ...In his last will and testament, Rhodes said of the British,
"I contend that we are the first race in the world,
and that the more of the world we inhabit
the better it is for the human race.
I contend that every acre added to our territory means the birth of more of the English race who otherwise would not be brought into existence."

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Herd mentality

"Os gémeos iraquianos Haider e Ridha, de 17 anos, garantem que vão continuar em Portugal...
Ruben, o jovem de 15 anos agredido em Ponte de Sor, sofreu múltiplas fraturas e permanece internado em estado considerado grave no Hospital de Santa Maria, em Lisboa.

 "Quando estamos numa situação como esta, é uma receita perigosa quando temos adolescentes, álcool, quando temos esta mentalidade de grupo, as coisas descontrolam-se", argumentou um deles".
"Logan was CBS’ chief foreign correspondent when she was forcefully separated from her producer and bodyguard as she reported on the Arab Spring in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, surrounded by crowds celebrating the toppling of then-President Hosni Mubarak.
Encircled by a group of up to 300 men, she was stripped, beaten and sexually assaulted."

"The punishment was death by stoning. The crime? Having a mobile phone.."

Monday, August 22, 2016

Lei n.º 36/98, de 24 de Julho – Lei de Saúde Mental

"International HUMAN RIGHT Article 9 - Right to freedom of thought, conscience RELIGION ....Freedom of thought is the precursor and progenitor of—and thus is closely linked to—other liberties, including freedom of religion..."
"The relationship between religion and schizophrenia is of particular interest to psychologists because of the similarities between religious experiences and psychotic episodes..."

 O internamento compulsivo

"A Lei de Saúde Mental prevê, desde 1998, que o internamento compulsivo de doentes mentais se faça de acordo com um conjunto de regras que têm de ser validadas pelos tribunais. Desde logo diz que podem requerer o internamento médicos “no exercício das suas funções", "autoridades de Saúde" e o Ministério Público."

 médicos “no exercício das suas funções":
"Juiz vota contra absolvição de psiquiatra... Decisão gerou polémica entre juízes da Relação do Porto. Médico ...condenado por violação de doente grávida...José Manuel Baião Papão considera haver provas mais do que suficientes da violência."

"...Milhares de pessoas participaram na noite de terça-feira na procissão das velas na Cova da Iria, em Fátima. Várias são as razões que movem as pessoas até ao Santuário, onde dizem esquecer os problemas num "momento de reflexão"

"Pope Francis confirms plan to visit in 2017 for Fátima ..."    ...and maybe will not leave any more from the portuguese "manicomio"... 

"The election of Pope Francis in 2013 gave the Catholic Church its first Jesuit pope"
“Penso que não pode ser jesuíta quem o queira; há cérebros predispostos para esse mal, como os há feitos para o crime vulgar, como os há talhados para a loucura ordinária” (…) “O misticismo jesuítico [é] uma forma paranóica que, embora incurável, deveria ser isolada nos manicómios, pelo mal que faz à humanidade”.
 Miguel Bombarda.... "

The Blitz spirit

it´s not the appearance
" is integrity, honesty, and generosity that earn a woman distinction...."
 The Book of the City of Ladies, c. Pisan

"Learn to use tact and diplomacy appropriately to improve your negotiations, boost rapport and strengthen your relationships with others..."

"Tact encompasses many things, including emotional intelligence ,

respect, discretion, self-awareness , thoughtfulness, compassion, subtlety, honesty, diplomacy, and courtesy."

 "Highlight the ridiculous...
 "It's Not Just Implicit" ..."Five reasons to wear a burkini – and not just to annoy the French "
"The ruling states: Beachwear that ostentatiously displays religious affiliation, when France and places of worship are currently the target of terrorist attacks, is liable to create risks of disrupting public order.” 

When synonyms...while...temporary ban...
"The indomitable spirit demonstrated across the UK in 1940 and 1941 has been invoked since by politicians to galvanise national pride, and by the media to recall fondly an era when we were apparently made of sterner stuff....the Blitz has shaped national character
"There was endurance in the face of an external danger. People were going through it together.."

"One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself "

Five reasons  not to wear a burkini ..when France is currently the target of terrorist attacks....police can fire tear gas and rubber pellets to disperse them...

"Istanbul riot police fired tear gas and rubber pellets on Sunday to disperse a march..."Trans Pride" rally taking place during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. "

"Quem semeia vento colhe tempestade"

"Turkey's Erdogan blames child bomber for attack that killed 51

«Erdogan culpa Daesh e diz que bombista era uma criança»

"The Blitz...was the name applied by the British press to the heavy and frequent bombing raids carried out over Britain..."